Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back Yard

Some people have flowers in their yards.


Some of us still have snow.

Although there is a show of a promise.


Julia said...

Ahh! Lovely daffodils poking out just like mine. I cleaned some debris from four of my perennial flower beds today. It was nice to work outdoors. I still have some snow in the two back flower beds by the hedges.

Last year because of the flood my new daffodils and tulips did not bloom. They survived the winter this year and I am hoping that they will bloom this year.

tanita davis said... this stage in the game, it's the ugly dirty kind of snow, too.

It's just tired and needs to GO AWAY!

mira's papa said...

It's amazing how fast that snow - and we had a lot of it - has disappeared. I saw some nice flowers on the way back from the grocery store today. Reminded me of spring in Switzerland, which was a LOT earlier than this... But it was still nice to see. We'll be planting peas soon.

DaviMack said...

Soon! Gardening needs to begin!

Kansas A said...

We are getting there too, a little ahead of you but still behind compared to others :)