Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bathroom Hazard

Bill never has to worry about encountering pantyhose in the bathroom, but he often has to deal with either warps or woven scarves. He never complains about the hazards that he finds in the bathroom whether they be warps, scarves, or skeins.
These four scarves are out of the same merino that I talked about a few days ago. They are three strands of the really fine merino that were warped as one. These will be about 8 inches wide and in pinks, oranges, and red. A little more girly than the blue ones will be.
They are in the cue (or at least will be when they dry).
The cue seems to be getting longer and longer. I really want to have a lot of stock for the Christmas season. But there is something else that is new this year. More on that later!


Anonymous said...

OH! So pretty, Jackie!!


mira's papa said...

If I ever encountered panty hose in the bathroom, I'd wonder what was going on, but I wouldn't complain. I've always had this ..., oh, never mind.

tanita davis said...

Ooh, purty!

My goodness, has anyone actually ever SEEN pantyhose in the bathroom? Who wears those anymore? I think you can put tights in the washer in a little net bag...

I'm pretty sure I *DON'T* want to know here Mira's papa was going with that. Bad, papa!

Julia said...

I still wear pantyhose when I dress-up for special occasions but I don't hang them in the bathroom because they don't last long enough with my rough heels. I take them off as soon as I get home. I guess that's a waste of money isn't it?

Kansas A said...

Very pretty!