Monday, April 06, 2009

In Like a Cow

The gals are in their new home, and as mom said, they didn't even wipe their feet! They are really dirty from bedding down in hay and now that they are able to bed down in sand, (and soon go outside) they will be cleaner and happier. There are a few things that are not quite finished but they will be able to get done around milking time and once the cows begin to spend more time outside.
Thanks to all for the donations and support. Mom said that she is trying to write thank you letters, but has been finding it hard to find the time. As they say, a farmers work is never done. Or maybe that was a woman's work is never done? In any case, a woman farmer gets no rest what so ever!

Mamoo, you rock!


DaviMack said...

I'm glad it's coming together! What a year it's been!

mira's papa said...

We are all just crossing our fingers that mother nature doesn't serve up a nice flood again this spring. We've got a lot of snow in the woods, and warm, rainy weather in the forecast for the next few days. I hope it stays relatively low. A "normal" spring would be nice.

Dani said...

I am glad to hear that things are coming along well. And I agree, I hope you have a normal spring!

tanita davis said...

Wow - whatta barn! It's gorgeous! May all go perfectly well for the next six months - and twice that many months more. You've earned the break!

Julia said...

Since I sent you those pictures , the two large doors have now been installed and the floor grooving has been completed in the new barn.

The electrical in in place except that we are still waiting for the light fixtures to arrive. They are sealed against moisture and can be used for either indoors or outdoors.

The grain feeding station needs cleaning and repairs.

I join with Jackie in saying thank you for all the donations, support and for those who organized the fundraising event and for all those who came to the event.


Kansas A said...

It's beautiful Jackie, just beautiful (brings tears to my eyes!)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful new barn