Friday, February 20, 2009


My street. You can tell it is mild because the you can actually see the road!
The house across the street. And yes, those snowbanks are as high as the roof of the porch (which you need to walk up 4 steps to get to).

My sidewalk. If you said "What sidewalk?" you would be right! It is 1:20 pm and the snow stopped last night around midnight. I think that the city's snow removal budget must be pretty close to being gone.
Drat that groundhog.


Kansas A said...

Wow! I won't say a word about our weather ;)

tanita s. davis said...

It really does lose its charm when one has to walk in it, does it not?

Dani said...


Julia said...

You know if I was there, I would be shoveling. I don't know where I would put the snow but I know that I would be shoveling a place to park. Even though last year when I was baby-sitting, just as soon as I finished clearing a parking spot for my car someone came and stole my spot. Now that is annoying.

I know in your case Jackie it is the same thing every winter. Just because it is on a residential street it deserves just as much snow clearing as the busier streets.

Here's to warmer weather. One more week left in February.