Monday, February 23, 2009


No. Not that kind of hammered. No booze involved. No hammers or nails either.

Just snow. Lots and lots of snow.

And wind too.

So much wind that when I opened the front door there was a little tiny drift that snuck in under the so called weather stripping.

Out the front looking right.
Out the front looking left. I was surprised to see that the steps were relatively clear. That wind at work.

So I did what I normally do when showing you our lovely snow. I went to the back door and this is what met me. You can see the latch in the door jam just about where the snow ends on the left side.

And a close up of the snow in the yard. The wind brought all the snow to the back yard. The fence to the left is 6 feet. so that means that I have about 5 feet of snow in my yard.
Spring is suppose to start in less than a month. Not in my back yard!

In the mean time, schools are closed across the province, the college is closed, UNB and STU are closed, the buses are off the roads, doctors offices are closed, my dentist called and my appointment was canceled, RCMP have issued a warning for people to stay off the roads and travel at your own risk. Which means that if you venture out and get in trouble, they are not required to come help you. The fellow that is in charge of roads and streets (sidewalks too I'm guessing) was on the radio this morning and said that the drifting is very bad in some cases reaching over 6 feet.

And the snow and winds are to continue throughout the day.

Please don't tell me of your crocuses. I don't think that I could stand it.


Julia said...

That my dear Jackie is industrial strength snow. You need a propane tank and a flame thrower to start to melt that snow.


Christine said...

I am sending you some much needed sun from Ottawa. Though, it may take a day or two to get through all the snow drifts.

And with hopeful thoughts of Spring on the horizon, have you started any seeds yet? My first chili pepper seed just sprouted.

mira's papa said...

Actually, it's lovely out. It's not cold, the wind has died down a bit, and there are big fat flakes of snow coming down by the bazillions. It's beautiful, really. It feels like a free day and I feel like the kids today.

I'm so glad to have had this day off. I've got a bit of work to do, but it's going to be a lot easier with the lovely winter scene, the great dinner in preparation, and the 80 samosas we are about to cook.

As a bonus, the day off means I miss the two most tedious committee meetings I have this week. Hooray for that!

Julia said...

I had to shovel the entrance to the barn this evening to feed the calves. The 5 feet of drifted snow had completely closed off the narrow entrance by the silos.

There is enough snow to make lots of Snowzillas out here too. Looking forward to the sunshine you sent us from Ottawa Christine. Thanks.


Valerie said...

Oh boy....again!? This has been a brutal winter!

Hope you have lots of help to shovel out!

Ellen Halseth said...

Wow! That makes us Alaskans look like wimps.

Christine said...

Did the sun arrive yet?

Julia said...

To answer Christine question, yes the sun was here in full force today. Thanks for sharing.


ICQB said...

I can relat to not wanting to hear about crocuses. When it's 9 degrees here, my mom in Phoenix is always bright and cheery, "Oh, well it's in the 80's here today!"

I'd say by the looks of things that it's time to curl up with a hot drink and a good book.

Julia said...

Jackie, I never commented on that beautiful photo of you smelling the white silk skein, on the right side of your blog. I think that it is such a beautiful photo.

It has an essence of something that I can't name at the moment but that photo is precious. It has the feeling of someone blending her soul with the work of her hands. I don't quite know how to put it.