Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mid-Life Crisis?

I was at Zellers the other day for something totally unrelated to yarn, but I usually stop off in the craft section and see if they have any ribbon yarn. For my stash you know? I love to use the ribbon yarns in my mixed warp scarves. I wish that I had know that I loved ribbon yarn so much a few years ago when it was so popular. Now I have a hard time finding it anywhere. On line perhaps, but I'm not an online shopper.

So back to the pathetic craft isle. They had a lot of dishrag cotton.

A lot.

And for some reason, for the first time, it spoke to me.

And not only dishrag cotton, but PINK dishrag cotton!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against dishrag cotton, nor anything against pink, but they are just not me. Think rich, dark silk and we'll talk. Pink cotton? Hmmm.

But this one little skein had to come home with me. I dug out the required needles and started. Never mind that pair of socks on which I have one toe to kitchener and one toe to to finish knitting. And that pesky mitten thumb. That's not being worked on either. I started to knit them for Christmas but didn't get them finished. That was Christmas 2007. Oops.
And the pattern that I chose was "feather and fan". A lace pattern. My story is that I am practicing lace before I start on my shawl again. I decided that I don't like the hand spun that I am using. I'm not sure what I am going to substitute. When I figure it out, I'll let you know.
So hopefully soon, I will be the proud owner of a pink lace dishcloth. And a rather large one from the look of it so far.

And I am not sure what the progress of things is at the farm. I called today, but there was no answer. No surprise really. I can only assume that they are both very busy. But I will be seeing mom tomorrow and let you all know.


DaviMack said...

Knitting lace dishrags? Umm... yeah. Midlife. ;)

Julia said...

Go for it Jackie, I praise you for thinking pink.

Be the first one one the block to own a pink dishcloth, the bigger the better. Support the cause. After all pink is quite in vogue these days and I for one am quite grateful.

jackie said...

I suppose in light if my morning yesterday, pink was a fitting colour!
Good thinking Mamoo!

Leigh said...

It's true, some yarn, no matter how unlikely, seems to have our number and know what buttons to push. I really like the idea of making dish clothes. Maybe if I get started on some now, I'll have them ready for Christmas 2010.

mira's papa said...

I hope you don't start wearing pink. Nothing against pink, mind you, but it's not your colour. You look lovely in many colours, but pink is for "the plastics" (movie reference, for those of you who might not know).

Kansas A said...

LOL! There's nothing wrong with pink! :) Mind you I wouldn't wear it but pink dishclothes are fun.
PS I've made the exact same pattern and with the same colour! If you are really looking to make dishclothes here's a great site (took me awhile to find it because they changed it). I've made tons from the site because they are soooo quick.
Have fun Jackie!!

Janet said...

I heartily approve of giving in to the yarns that want to be taken home. They just want to be loved, and who better than we to love them?

I saw a big bag of Unknown Fibers at WalMart shortly before Christmas and was quite drawn to their colours and apparent overtwist, but I was a Good Girl and left them at the store. Ha! More fool me! I couldn't get them out of my head and eventually went back to find them but someone else had snapped them up already. I even went back a time or two to check again but, alas, they were gone. And then a week or so after I'd given up hope, I found the same yarn - at full price this time, of course - at Michael's. Turns out it's a cotton blend sock yarn. What have I been knitting lately? Socks, that's what. And so I wound up paying twice as much for two balls of the stuff as I would have paid for about 10 at WalMart.

Let this be a lesson for us all: Heed Ye The Yarn That Asks to Come Home.