Thursday, August 30, 2007


Three posts in three days. Amazing!

Now, hold your breath! I have pictures!

Up first is a new project bag. It is my lace knitting bag. And in the lower left hand corner, you can see my lace shawl. It is just about big enough to cover the shoulders of a hummingbird. I have ripped and started a number of times. I now know that even one glass of wine and lace knitting don't mix. I also know to only attempt knitting on this when no children are awake. And Bill should not be in a talkative mood. And I can't be too tired. I should finish the shawl around Christmas. Christmas 2012 that is. On the right is my "beetle bag" as Bill calls it, and my handspun yarn. I am enjoying knitting with it. Top left is one of the most wonderful investments that I have made for knitting. It is a metal board with strips of magnets for marking your place on your chart. Wonderful invention! And on the edge of the board is a bag of stitch markers.
Making these little beauties is rather addictive. I kept digging deeper and deeper until I used up all of the lovely large beads that I stashed about. Today I picked up a couple of more packages of beads to make some more stitch markers. The fun never ends!
Next is something that I have been wanting to make for quite a while. I wanted one that would hold all my needles in one place. My crochet hooks too. My finishing needs a bit of work, but I am rather pleased with my effort. It serves its function well.
Inside are no fancy bunch of needles, but rather modest steel and plastic ones that I have been collecting for years.


knitty34 said...

Ooooh, everything is very pretty. Love the beetle bag!

Kansas A said...

Wow the sunflower needle holder is beautiful! I love it :) Your finishing looks fine to me!

a simple yarn said...

My you've been busy! Very cute projects indeed! Reminds me that I need to organise my own needles as they're stuck here, there and everywhere!

DaviMack said...

What do you do with your circulars? Or do you not use them? Beautiful markers, by the way!