Thursday, August 02, 2007

I got nothing....

It has been hot, and I really haven't felt like doing much in the way of fiber stuff. I did however, bike out to the garden last night and let me tell you.... those plants really like the heat! The tomatoes have grown to Jurassic proportions, I have a few tiny eggplants and tiny peppers on the appropriate plants, and we are seriously into broccoli season. The cucumbers have started to grow into a reasonable size and the dill seed heads are coming along nicely. Even the beans have made a nice recovery from the little trim that a wandering deer gave them. Thankfully, there must be enough other stuff for deers to eat because they have stayed out of my garden for the past few weeks. I hope that they stay away. Cute as they are, they are sort of hard on the vegetation.
I wish that I had the camera with me as I went out because I actually had quite a few wildlife spotting's. The first was a family of ducks on the river. Then a groundhog was snacking on something along the trail. He quickly ran away when he saw me coming. Then I passed by the osprey nest and someone was perched on the edge stretching his/her wings. Then while I was in the garden, three birds that were either herons or storks were flying and circling overhead for a couple of minutes. And lastly one of the eagles flew overhead on the way to pick something out of the river for the chick that they have. Mom says the chick is flying now, but it is obviously not hunting yet.
We won't mention the flies, mosquitoes , and other various bugs. They are too plentiful by half.

Bill had a bit of a mile stone on Tuesday. And I meant to honor him with a "Happy Birthday" blog entry, but, like so much else in my life these days, it just didn't happen. So Happy Birthday Bill. And as he likes to point out, it is also Harry Potter's birthday. So happy birthday to Harry too.

Tomorrow is a very special day in my house. Tomorrow, Uncle Sandy is coming. The kids have been driving me nuts by asking about 16 times a day, "How long until Uncle Sandy comes?" We have it marked on the calendar, the kids can read a calendar, they can count and add and all of that stuff that would make it possible for them to figure it out themselves. I think that they just like to see me frustrated. But soon...soon, I shall have peace and quiet. Soon Uncle Sandy will arrive and the migration to the lake will take place, and I WILL BE STAYING BEHIND!!!!!

You see, I am doing my artist in residency this week coming up. And I know that I am going to miss the kids at odd times, but for the most part, I think that I shall enjoy the quiet and lack of demands on my time and energy. I will hopefully get a lot of weaving and spinning and dyeing done this week. Someone will be coming to get me next Friday and then I shall have a bit of lake time myself. I just hope the weather holds!


Dave Daniels said...

happy belated to Bill.
And we could all use an Uncle Sandy once in a while. Good luck with the residency. It'll be a good break.
(And you biked out to the garden? How far away is this Jurassic garden, anyway?)

clothesknit said...

happy belated bill :o)

and a week of dyeing, spinning, weaving sounds heavenly. can i come over and play?

Kansas A said...

Oh what I would give for just one day's peace and quiet without anyone in my house! :) Pssst, don't tell my family LOL