Friday, August 31, 2007

Next in the queue

Here are two of the scarves that I completed during that time. There is one more scarf (still unfringed) and my next warp that I also completed that week that are in a display case at the school. I put them in there along with some undyed fleece and some dyed, but unspun fleece. The idea was to show the creation of my scarves in their various stages.

After spinning slubby and fat for a week during my residency, I have the need to spin something finer.
And that is were "Sailors Delight" comes in. Once again, I will say that it is the finest that I have spun yet, and once again it is true. I have had my bundles of fleece in a fabric bag and the last couple of bundles that I have spun, I have found have become somewhat felted on the outside. I am wondering if it is from being jostled around in the bag or from being fondled by various people. Anyone have any ideas? Or how I can stop it from getting felted. I once read or heard that keeping fleece in plastic bags can contribute to felting. What is your personal experience? Thanks.


clothesknit said...

I usually pre-draft all my fiber at one time and then wind it into grapefruit-sized balls. If I'm spinning at home I keep it in a basket and just reach down, grab, spin. However if I'm on the go it usually goes in a basket with handles. I have hauled fiber around in a plastic Target bag and haven't had any problems but then again, maybe I don't do as much hauling around as you ;o)

Sue said...

I don't usually keep fiber in sealed plastic bags, because moisture can get trapped inside, which can indeed lead to felting if it's jostled around,or even mold.

I keep my fiber in cotton pillowcases, and tie up the opening tight with string or a rubber band. Moths won't go through the cotton fabric to get at the wool inside. If it's a very fine fiber like silk or merino that would stick horribly to the pillowcase, I leave it in the plastic bag inside the pillowcase, but I leave the plastic open so it can breathe.

Haven't had a moth, musty fiber, or felting yet.

I shouldn't have said that.....

Leigh said...

Jackie, your scarves are always a delight to behold. And what a contrast that orange roving is! I've never had the felting problem you describe, though moisture and rubbing together are likely the cuplrit. I have received fleeces that had started to felt on the sheep though. I do store in plastic bags when I run out of old pillow cases and paper feed bags. I always make sure the fleece is thoroughly dried first and only store where a dehumidifier or air conditioner/heater is at work.

Teyani said...

your scarves are so beautiful - I particularly like the second one.
and the Sailor's Delight - oh my, that would be a joy to spin all those brilliant colors!
I've had felting issues from plastic bags too - so normally I keep mine in a basket.