Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer Fun Continues

Things are heating up here and I couldn't be happier! Most of July has been on the cool and damp side, but today the sun is shining and the kids are sweating. We'll be going swimming later in the evening after the sun's strength is down a bit.
Until then, for your viewing pleasure, we have scarves to look at.

First up are my three silk scarves that I finished a few weeks ago. They are all from this warp.
And who could forget these yarn cakes from a few weeks ago? Here they are in their woven glory. I don't expect them to sell well right now, but hopefully when the Christmas buying season is in full swing, people will be thinking about keeping their loved ones warm and cosy and they will start to fly off of my table. The blue and purple cake is in the process of being threaded on the loom and will hopefully be off soon. These scarves weave up so quickly. I love making them.
The spinning is actually the most time consuming part of the process and I have to admit that with the rising temperatures, I have not been producing as much as in the recent past. Having 4 kids around most of the time has also cut into my production time. I am amazed at the chaos that they can produce when I am not looking. I was away for most of Saturday and I have to admit that I spent the better part of Sunday with my nose buried in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'm glad that that is over with and that I finally know the end of the story. In any case, the house became slightly....shall we say......untidy. But now most of the strewn about items have been picked up. With the exception of
this box (child included for size comparison). Bill has been slowly working on cleaning the back shed and this box has been sacrificed for the greater good. The greater good, in this case, being recycling. Which is this Friday. I can hardly wait because this box has been in the middle of my rather small living room for the past week. The kids love it! And I mean LOVE! The boys have taken to chucking some blankets and pillows into it and using it like a bed while watching movies. Doesn't look that comfortable to me, but then again, I'm getting old and creaky. The other thing that they have been doing is folding the flaps down while one of them is inside and threatening to send each other off to all parts foreign. I am sure that they will fight the loss of the box in a few days, and if I had a larger place, I would let them keep it until it is beat to a pulp. It may take some time though because it is triple walled cardboard. As it is, it is really in my way and I want it gone.


Margene said...

The scarves are very beautiful! I love the way the colors blend but stay separate.

Christine said...

The scarves look fantastic!!

As for the box, we used to sit in them and slide down the stairs. Great fun, until a door knob punctured some drywall. Also used for the "down hill races": plastic laundry baskets and sleeping bags. Ah, no wonder my mom has gray hair.

knitty34 said...

So pretty! What do you use for a warp in the handspun scarves? (Excuse what may be a silly question, I am still new :) )


Leigh said...

I love your scarves. And I love your handspun. Very inspirational!

clothesknit said...

you've been busy! the scarves are fantastic -- you have such a great eye for color!

DaviMack said...

The simple pleasures of a box. Children are like kittens, who will play endlessly with paper bags. I think it's something to do with hunting instinct or something.

How's the garden growing, with your new heat?