Thursday, July 26, 2007

Could this week please end?

First thing Monday morning I was up at the hospital for colposcopy. If you are male, clicking on the link may fall under the heading of too much information. Just warning you.
Tuesday, most of the day was pretty good, but in the evening I was stung by a hornet or wasp. I was more interested in getting it off me than to see what kind of a nasty stinging thing it was.
I thought that I was going to get away with only a normal reaction, but instead I had what is called a mild allergic reaction to the sting. It is described as "allergic swelling around the sting area. It usually starts the next day, and can persist for up to 5 days. The area is red, raised, hot, itchy and tender." That started Wednesday. And my little finger (where the sting happened) is indeed, red, raised, hot, itchy, and tender.
And today? Today, on Thursday, I found maggots in the bathroom. Just one at first. I can deal with one little maggot. Then I found a couple under the throw rug. And a couple in a face cloth that someone had dropped on the floor. And then a couple in a pair of shorts that had also been dropped on the floor. After shaking them out into the toilet or bath tub, I went to put all of the offending articles in the washing machine (which is right next to the bathroom) and found a bunch on a plastic bucket lid that was in front of the washing machine. I lost it. And I mean really lost it. I yelled for Bill to come and deal with them, ran away, and indulged in a fit of hysteria in the computer room. Which is the room that is the farthest from the kitchen. And as such, farthest from the maggots. After about 5 minutes of tears and wailing (I can't remember the last time I lost it like this) I calmed down and made my way to back to the kitchen where we then pulled the washing machine away from the wall and we believe that we found the source of the problem. The washing machine is right next to the kitchen table and anyone that has lived with kids knows that kids drop food. Something must have been dropped and then kicked under the washing machine where a fly or two found it and thought it a good place to set up a nursery. The weather has been hot here and the perfect temperatures for the disgusting little thing to grow quickly. Ick.
And tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow morning, I get to go back to the hospital and see a surgeon about the removal of a fatty lump on my head. I hope that my lump removal isn't as traumatic as Dave's was.
I am really looking forward to the weekend.


Kansas A said...

Ah Jackie I feel for ya! Being a women I know all too well the unpleasant things we have to do :) I hope your results turn out for the best.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh about the maggots, but I can just picture you finding more and more and more and....then losing it! I think I would have had my can of raid in hand spraying like the dickens!

Valerie said...

Hope things go smoothly and next week is a better week all the way around.

I sympathize with you on the maggots. Years ago we had a run in with some shortly after we bought our first house. It seems that the previous owner had her pets food dishes on the carpet in the dining area. Yes....eeeeeeew!!! My reaction was as extreme as yours, but involved more retching and gagging than vocalizations

kelli ann said...

oh, jackie. oh, dear. bugs and damp: i have laid down the law (even with houseguests) that they will have to deal with any creepy-crawlies that move in under dropped swimsuits/towels etc. i wish you luck at the hospital: weather is set to be cooler next week, i'm crossing my fingers!

Jo in Boston said...

Just the whole idea of maggots gives me the squirmies! Maybe you need to buy yourself a little yarny present as a reward for getting through the week.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you dear, that the maggots are pretty disgusting (especially the way they move, all that frantic wiggling like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie), and as we have never experienced them in the house before, they were a bit of a surprise, to be sure. But not really enough to put my strong farm girl into a tailspin. Well, I didn't think so. Isn't it good that your DH was here to look after it all. Truth be told, the little blighters are hard and they make a distinct little "pop" when you squash them. For 10 minutes I got to be a kid again. :-)

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, no, sorry, my week has been nothing like yours. I ain't got no kids and no maggots. Whew. I hope your Saturday gets here fast!
Good luck with the bump department.

Margene said...

You deserve a long and quiet weekend!