Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happiness is....


I live in a very green city. There are trees on all of the residential streets. In the downtown, there are many large trees and quite a few smaller ones that have replaced older, larger trees that had to be cut down due to age or disease.
Here is the view from my front door, early in the morning. I love that there is almost always a shady side of the street.
We are also fortunate to have many bike trails around the city. One leads out towards my parent's place, where we have our garden. It is about a 10 minute drive by car. I can make it out in about 30 minutes by bike. Unless I have company. Company that keeps yelling, "SLOW DOWN!" I don't know how long it took Mira, Liam, and I to make the trip the other day, but I know that we didn't break any records. I finally had them drive in front of me and set the pace. Much more civilized.
When we arrived at the garden, we found that everything had grown in leaps and bounds. Including the weeds. Big surprise there. I was happy to see that the tomatoes have blossoms.
And even happier to see that the pea plants had actual peas! PEAS! PEAS!
Could I be any happier? We should have full fat peas by the weekend. I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

Is it true you love peas? ;-)


DaviMack said...

Ahh, I'm envious. You live in a truly beautiful place ... AND you're having a good gardening year.

"Plague" describes California's season so far.

kaz said...

It is so exciting growing something you can eat. Here in Australia it is winter, and although we aren't too cold my garden isn't growing anything because it is so shaded at the moment. Enjoy those luscious peas!

clothesknit said...

whaddya mean you don't like your kids screaming at you while on what should be a peaceful and relaxing bike ride?