Thursday, March 15, 2007

for those of you....

that like to show your outdoor flowers at this time of year, (you know who you are), we here in the snowy (but melting) north have flowers too. They are just indoors. This is one of my Christmas cacti that decided to bloom this year.

I also have the well know fuchsia colour one as well a very pale pink one. I love it when they bloom. Also blooming in my house is a cyclamen that someone gave me sometime last year. Apparently they are suppose to bloom, then everything is suppose to die back, at which point you lift the bulb and put it somewhere cool and bring it out again later. Most people just chuck them. Well, my little cyclamen can't read because there has been one or two blooms on the thing since last fall at least. Right now there are four.

And for those of you who were wondering about my sear sucker scarf done with my hand spun, here it is. You can see the ripply edge on the right side of the picture. Not a bad scarf, but not gallery work.
And this is a bad photo of my wall. With all my family's hands.
I hope this piece is chosen.
And today, Mira is home sick, so most of the running around that Nicole and I do on Thursdays is not getting done, so I am trying a bit of an experiment. I have been putting all of my odd bits of singles hand spun ( you know, the bit on the second bobbin that is always left over) onto one bobbin and today I am plying it with a purpley/grey singles that I spun out of a batt that I carded when I was desperate to spin something, but only had my hand dyed samples for my class before Christmas. So far it looks.... interesting. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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canknitian said...

Everything looks wonderful.

And I know what you mean about *those people* who post pictures of all the pretty flowers coming up in their yards. :S