Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's Christmas time

On Saunders Street!

We have officially started the Christmas season. Because we are spacially challenged, I wait until the last Saturday before Christmas to get the tree. This year, because the last Saturday was the 23, I broke with tradition, and picked it up the second last Saturday. Which was yesterday. I came home to a house in which nothing was prepared. In my house, moving anything is like a Chinese puzzle. You know the ones. There are 9, 16 or more squares on which there is a picture. One square is missing and you move the pieces until you create the image. I loved these as a kid and the knowledge of how to shuffle things around has come in handy in my life. So eventually, the grapefruit tree ended up in the front room, the computer desk went in to Mira's room. Her room was shuffled in it's own right, and my loom was actually able to remain in it's working position. The last scarf came off last night and will grace my table at the market on Saturday. Hopefully not for long. It is black merino with sari silk ribbon that is sparkly. I hope some desperate man comes by and needs to snap it up for his wife/girlfriend.

In any case, here is the tree. I set it up, did the lights, and then went out to brave the malls and try to find something for Bill's mom and dad. I was unsuccessful yesterday, but went again and found what I hope will please them. It is hard to buy for people who have what they want and buy what they need. I am sure that many of you out there know from where I am coming. I also have been very bad in getting things in the mail. Like Christmas cards and presents to those who are far away. I think that everybody gives gifts in December, but it is really nice to receive something in January when it is least expected. That's my story and I am sticking to it.
As for the string that is keeping the thing upright... After two toppled trees, I don't take any chances any more.

Getting back to the tree. After the lights, the kids did the rest. I have been decorating a tree for six months at market (really, it was a bunch of branches for most of it) and somehow the joy and wonder has gone out of decorating. I think that they did a marvelous job. Most of the ornaments have been homemade, or gifts and I have at least twice as many that they left in the boxes. I am impressed with their restraint. Mira was the grand poo-bah, and supervised with an iron fist. No more than one ornament per branch and none that touch each other. Liam complained, and papa supported the original verdict.

Tomorrow is our Christmas party at work. We are having a Secret Santa exchange and I can hardly wait to see what the wonderful bunch of creative people that I work with have come up with for their gifts.


ms. pea said...

What a happy tree! Don't feel like you're too behind... we still haven't bought one.

amanda said...

still treeless in baton rouge too :o) you and your kids did a great job!

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

I love the felt work! Lookin good there missy.