Saturday, December 23, 2006

This is getting annoying

I have been unable to load pictures for a few day now. Seeing as my next post is dependent on the picture, I have been unable to post for several days.
And since moving to Blogger beta (which is no longer beta I might add) I have been unable to respond to comments. Annoying to say the least. I have enjoyed your comments and apologize for not replying. All comments comeback as "". Grrrrhhhh. Even the ones that used to give me an e-mail address. Double grrrrhhh.
I have to say that I am beginning to get rather annoyed and have been considering a move to typepad or some other blog web site. Or thingie, Or whatever. (Can't you tell that I am sooooo computer literate?)
In any case... I have a question for you all. What Blog website do you use and has any one else who has switched to blogger beta been having that same problems that I have been?
Christmas is coming and I don't expect much activity for the next few days. But thanks for your comments and suggestions, and may you all have a happy and safe holiday.

As for me... there is a wee spot of over indulgence in my future. I have had my final week of market and it was a good one. Now I get to relax (a bit) and do some experimentation on the multi shaft looms at the college. (happyhappy me). But all of that is in the new year. For now I shall relax, eat, drink, be merry, and above all, enjoy my family and the fact that I don't have to get anyone up for the next two weeks!


Laritza said...

I have blogger (beta or whatever it is now) Three posts saved as draft because it will NOT upload pictures. AND I can NOT reply to comments either. Same as you no email. I am going to give it a week or so and if it does not improve I am GONE. Also it would not let me joing the Red Sweater KAL for whatever reason. You can reply to me at

Charleen said...

I used Blogger for about 2 weeks and gave up. I switched to Movable Type and have been using that for 3-4 years. I use the free version and had no problems setting it up or posting.

Enjoy your holidays!

Dave Daniels said...

I've been hearing lots of nightmare stories from people who have been able to get posted on Blogger.
Before I started my own blog, I did TONS of research. I found that WordPress met my needs the best. And I've been seeing others making the move for the same exact reasons you're having.
Good luck, and keep us posted on where you go.

amyt said...

I've used blogger, Movable Type, Livejournal, and now use WordPress and wouldn't think of going back. Of course, I have a paid website so I can scream bloody refund if something doesn't work. One thing I love about WordPress is categories, I can't believe Blogger still hasn't added that feature. I also like the communities and friends in LiveJournal, so I setup WordPress to duplicate all of my blog posts to LiveJournal. WordPress offers free blogs at, you could try them out and see how you like it.

And Merry Christmas to the family from all of us in the Tompkins/Stewart house!

canknitian said...

Jackie -- email me at canknitian (at) gmail (dot) com. I've run into the same trouble.