Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

Note: It was boxing day when I started this post. Life sort of got in the way

Bill thinks that Boxing Day is all about spreading the joy and love of Boxes. Bill loves his boxes. He is the king of cardboard, as he puts it.
I, however, know the true meaning. It is the day to deal with all of the boxes that are left over from the day before.
Well, sort of. The true origin of boxing day was back when the rich in England had servants (I know they still do, but bear with me) and after making them work all day Christmas, the servants had the following day off and were able to box up all of the leftovers to take home to their families. So then, as now, Boxing Day is about leftovers.

Christmas day, however, is about the ripping of paper, the opening of presents, good food, good company, good wine. And we had a lot of everything.
The first sign of Christmas life in my house came at 12;30 am. This was about 45 minutes after the presents were tucked under the tree and Bill and I went to bed. I got up to make a trip to the loo and saw Mira's light was on. She was awake and was just about to open her sock. In my house, the rule is "open your sock when you get up. Play quietly. DON"T WAKE US UP!" I told her that is was still night and that she had to go back to bed. Small grumbles, but she was tired and complied. The next I hear was at about 4;30. Now this one was my fault. In the socks, I had put a few small things, one of which was a nose flute. Bad move. I got up and said " if it makes noise...NO!" The noise subsided. They then came in and tried to wake us up at 6;00 to which I said, "6 is too early, it must be 7 at least" . At 7 they were blissfully watching a movie and we go up at 7;30 when the movie was over. And sometime over the course of the candy and chip eating and the movie watching, my sock pattern disappeared!
After devouring presents, candy, chocolate, and breakfast here, we went to my parents place where more of the same occurred. My sister and her husband, along with his mother were all visiting and we had a great time. I was even able to hide upstairs for a while and work on a puzzle. I love doing puzzles. Not the mind bending ones. Just your average 500-1000 piece puzzle of something nice. But I don't do them any other time of year. I think that it's the time thing.

I hope everyone had as pleasant a Christmas as we did.


Broken Joe said...

i've had a quiet, green christmas on the Eastern Shore. Seen my Gram three days running. return tomorrow, Thursday. have things to do, much as I want more rest and recreational reading.

Leigh said...

What a great Christmas you had. I loved reading this. With both kids at uni now, it just isn't the same anymore.