Thursday, July 13, 2006

Residency update

Thanks to every one for being patient with me. Life just seems to get so busy for me in the summer . The kids are out of school and with my residencies and workshop schedule, it seems that the days are flying by.

So here is the old solders barracks. Above are government offices and bellow are a variety of craft shops and some storage for Fredericton tourism.

And at one end is the FAA Artist in residency headquarters.

I am in this week with a local oil painter, Stephen May.

We have some space to display our work and are able to sell, should there be a willing buyer.

I have a warping mill (borrowed from my lovely upstairs neighbour Kora) and my wonderful loom.

The main goal of the Artist in Residency series is to expose people to art and the artistic process. So I have the warping mill to show them how a warp is made. I have my dyes and have been dyeing warps. I have my loom to show them weaving. And I have any number of finished product for them to ohh and ahh over. I have my few temari balls and also a bunch of fabric origami cranes and antelope. The artist in residency series covers a wide range of arts. There are painters and felt artists, knitters and weavers, potters and book artists (writing, publishing, and binding). As well as a few others that I don't know about (I don't have a copy of the brochure). It is a great thing. There is quite a bit of foot traffic during the "tourist months". It is part of our "job" to talk to people and educate them in what ever it is that we are doing. Which is one of the reasons that I have all of the steps of the weaving process illustrated. This is the fourth summer that I have been doing this and find that some people are very interested and ask questions and others almost run away when I start to talk. I have learned to gauge who to chatter at and who to just smile at. I don't mind my work being interrupted because more often than not, I just keep working. Not to mention, with all of my kids, I am used to being interrupted.

So far this week I have, woven two scarves, made four warps, dyes three warps, sold a scarf, wound a warp on the loom and threaded it. And talked to between 100 and 150 people. And of that number, given in depth detail to about 20.

Friday is my last day for this residency, and then on Wednesday, I start on my second residency. During that one,I will be only weaving. And then we all go on vacation to the lake!!!!!!

It will be good!


amanda said...

Wow! I didn't realize you had to "work" through your residency but it sounds like a fantastic place. Maybe I'll be one of the tourists next summer.

Dave Daniels said...

One word: JEALOUS!
That looks like such fun. Really. (If there wasn't family waiting for you, I mean.) You must be in heaven. Such a concentration of creativity. Enjoy!

Valerie said...

Wow, what a great program! I'm amazed that you could get so much done with the foot traffic going through.
Thanks for sharing!

Leigh said...

Jackie, this is so wonderful. Both for the public and for you. Thanks so much for sharing all about it.

ErLeCa said...

That is so cool! What a great thing to get to do each summer. I could definitely see myself doing that!

Mia said...

Cool. Just totally Cool. I worship you *grin*

Diana said...

Awesome!! What an opportunity for artists and the public.

Sara in WI said...

Your work is amazingly beautiful. It sounds like a great residency! BTW, I have a desk identical to the one that is holding your warping mill. I use it for a desk, though. hehehe