Monday, July 10, 2006

Jack Sparrow????

Who is this strange man who appeared in my yard the other evening?

None other than the reincarnation of Jack Sparrow! Matt, who lives above us, stopped by the other evening with an odd request. At least that was how he phrased it. He was playing a benefit show and had been informed that the he was to dress up as Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean fame. He was wondering if he could dip into our dress-up trunk. He found a vest, and Liz's gal lent him a pirate shirt. A few touches from his closet and a heavy hand with the makeup courtesy of Kora and Jack appeared in the yard.

And what is a Captain without his crew? Motley crew they are. But all had a good time and Matt even won an award for his costume!

As for me, I have started my residency and so far have gotten a lot done. I forgot the camera, so I have no picts yet, but please check back again soon to see a visual diary of the whole thing. Who knows? Maybe people will want to come visit.

I'll be back soon.


amanda said...

Those pirates are cuter than they are fierce! And man, he does look like Capt. Jack Sparrow -- sounds like it was a fun day of dress up.

Diana said...

What a beautiful picture. It looks like they were having a lot of fun. I just love to see kids use their imaginations!! You are such a wonderful mother!!!

Mia said...

Oh that's cool! I'd love to see your play clothes trunk :-)