Thursday, July 06, 2006

Loom puke revisited

I have fringed two of the scarves and washed one. This is the washed one in all its glory. I am rather pleased with it although it is the one that I liked least while I was weaving it.

And I also had a bit of time to dye some wool. I am quite happy with the results. Tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day and I hope to get some more dyed

And there is this one skein of cotton on which I used fiber reactive dyes that I had left over from dyeing my last warp.

I start my residency on Sunday and I can hardly wait. I am going to make up a few warps and dye them this week. Hopefully enough to see me through until Christmas.


Charleen said...

The scarf turned out very well! Isn't it funny how the thing you like least finishes up so lovely?

amanda said...

I think the scarf is beautiful! And all the wool you dyed...just lovely. Have a great time at your residency -- I can't imagine going to a residency where my main goal was to spin or knit all week. That makes me all daydream-y.

Annie said...

Your weaving is beautiful!