Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday April 27

Sunday April 27-
Finished the leather moulding workshop.
Laid out and felted a new piece of felt for pins.
Sewed experimental cloth which was felt on a woven structure that didn't felt together quite as much as I would have liked it. It was originally a left over bit of warp that I just had to weave off rather than waste all of that yarn. Then I had the idea of felting on it and making a new cover for my foot stool. Unfortunately, it shrunk (as felt tends to do) just a little too much and is now about 2 inches too small to use as a cover. It will become something else.

And here are my tapestries that I have finally finish weaving. The first two have been finished for about 8 months. The last gathered dust on the loom for about the same length of time. I worked on it sporadically in the fall and then my interest level dropped as I found myself weaving scarves for sale. Then the January slump. Which turned into the February slump. And March was just as bad as, if not worst than February because Although the calendar changed, the brutal February weather did not.
But I am finished weaving it now and only need a long car trip to get the ends of the last one knotted and darned in.

Tapestries that I have FINALLY finished weaving.

I am still playing with placement. 
I will post more pictures as I get back into the habit of actually taking pictures while I am doing things.


Julia said...

That looks pretty good Jackie.
It reminds me of light reflections in the rippled water.

I love the color nuances in the fabric.

tanita✿davis said...

Ooh - I especially like the middle one - like a jagged bit of lightning.

I could see rugs made of this.

tired adult said...

Well, if you rotated the one on the right 90 degrees, it looks like things I've seen on an oscilloscope in the lab. In fact, it's all very much like a collection of random noise signals that one would see on a scope if viewing noise processes. Interesting. I like the middle one best.

Christine B said...

I like the one on the left best. It reminds me of fire. They are all beautiful though!!!