Thursday, April 24, 2014

7 day craft challenge

I was in my office at lunch the other day when my buddy Rachel stopped by and brought some fleece and a spinning wheel. We chatted and he spun and she told me about her 60 day craft challenge. The basic idea is to do something craft oriented every day. The only other rule is that even 5 minutes counts. She said that it was a great way to get some ideas that were in her head out in to the real world. And she said that it had ben working well.
I have decided to join her. I have started small with a 7 day craft challenge and so far it has been successful.
Friday April 18- Finished brown warp that seemed to last forever. It was put on in February. Started to warp the Leclerc 8 harness loom with red hand dyed Hiro warp.
Saturday April 19- Worked on third of three tapestries that has also been on the 4 harness Dorset loom for around 8 months. Wound red Hiro onto Leclerc.
Sunday April 20- Wove on tapestry on Dorset. Rewound Hiro onto Leclerc as my ends were very uneven and the Hiro is VERY stretchy and I was concerned about tension issues.
Monday April 21- Finished tapestry on Dorset! Wahoo! Threaded red Hiro on Leclerc and wove a sample. Dressed Dorset with blue and green Hiro. This was two warps that were dyed differently and combined. I usually warp back to front, but for this warp, I combined the two warps in the reed and dressed the loom front to back.
Tuesday April 22- Finished threading blue green Hiro warp. Wound it on
Wednesday April 23- Tied the blue green Hiro warp on and started to weave.
Thursday April 24- Wove on blue green Hiro warp. It is very slow going as it is a mainly warp faced fabric and I have to place the weft very gently or it will get beaten down too much. I also laid out some fleece approximately 14X20 inches to felt later. The purpose of this felt is to cut up to make pins.
So far so good! I will extend this to a 2 week challenge!


Julia said...

Way to go Jackie, you're talking Greek to me but it all sounds very productive.
Nothing like a challenge to focus your energy.

tanita✿davis said...

Small steps still say you're moving. Go, you! ☺

Jackie said...

Thanks. I haven't been stagnant. I have continued to do things but usually in fits and starts and I haven't really shared. I think that I have been spending too much time on the scourge of the internet (FB).
So now I am trying to limit my time there and actually record and share what I am doing here.
I find that I miss the record of my weavings and projects. A lot of things that I have made have gone on to new homes and lives with no record of their process and creation. I will still be bad about documenting with pictures ( but will strive to improve) and I feel that here is a better area to share than FB.

tired adult said...

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You're back. And you seem to have got the scourge of FB. This space is so much better for your work than the yawning abyss of banality.