Saturday, April 26, 2014

craft update

Friday April 25- spinning 45 minutes
Saturday April 26- Leather moulding workshop. Felted fleece that I laid out last week. This felt will be destined for heart pins. Heart pins are one of those wonderful driving projects (so long as I am a passenger). I can embellish them with stitches or buttons or whatever and because most of the stitching is simply attaching the pins to the back, my dexterity doesn't need to be all that great. Or my eyesight. Which, because I am a woman of a certain age, is starting to be less sharp and focused.


Julia said...

I hope that you'll have photos of your leather moulding project on here. Sounds interesting.

tired adult said...

I think the most interesting thing today was not your leather workshop, but how well the felting went on the old washboard. And do we have washboards? Thank my parents, children of the depression who threw out nothing, we have four. Happy felting.