Thursday, May 03, 2012

Weaving Books

Hey All You Weavers Out There.....

I was wondering if you would let me in on your favourite weaving books. I am teaching weaving at NBCCD next year and have a few dollars that I can spend on books.

So if you can gave me a suggestion and tell me what you like about it, I would be grateful!


Valerie said...

Hmmm...depends on what aspect of weaving you want to delve into.

I would suggest any of the "Best of Weaver's" magazine compilations. The only one that has gone out of print is "Twill Thrills", so if you see a copy of that, snatch it up. My weaving group is currently doing a study of tied weaves and the "Summer and Winter Plus" one is being used heavily for information. But I really like all of the books in this series even though I own a complete set of Weaver's magazines.

You haven't posted much weaving lately, but from what I remember of your weaving, I think you would like Margo Selby's "Color and Texture in Weaving: 150 Contemporary Designs". It's not a weaver's recipe book, but it's a good book to use as a springboard for combining yarns in different ways.

Hope that helps.

Valerie said...

Another suggestion for a more comprehensive weaving book would be Sharon Alderman's Mastering Weave Structures.

I saw that it is out in soft cover while at the weaving shop yesterday. Mine is hard bound. If I bought the soft cover I would take it to a printer and have them put a comb binding on it so it would lay flat and stay together.

Jackie said...


I LOVE Sharon Alderman's Mastering Weave Structures! She lays everything out so clearly.
I like the idea of a comb binding to keep it together and have everything lay flat.