Thursday, May 17, 2012

and just cause "666" freaks me out....

I am posting number 667 right on it's heels.

As you may know, we moved in the fall. Fall was rough to say the least and I really didn't get a look at what was in the flower beds or in the yard. I did note that there was a bed out front with bush like things in it and a small bed in the back yard. And then I started to deal with the inside of the house and teaching for the first time and life in general and didn't give the outside a second thought.

Fast forward to spring and this is what the front bed looks like. Ick. Some nice hostas, a burning bush, false spirea, a couple of cute box woods, a hydrangea that has seen better days, along with a smattering of wood chips of some sort and exposed landscape cloth. The people that we bought the place from bought it 5 years ago and I am assuming that the people that they bought it from had a little landscaping done to give the house "curb appeal". And that was the end of doing anything (short of mowing) in the yard.

And the neglect shows. No curb appeal from this vantage point.

We need to have the drain tiles cleaned out and may of may not have to dig up this corner of the house so I am leaving this bed until we find out how much digging needs to be done.

In the back I was able to start digging some of the weeds out of the bed. I waited until I could get an idea of what was in there and other than the bush in the middle, nothing but weeds have appeared. Well, there was a brave showing from a tiny bit of creeping flox but not enough to have my heart singing. The soil in the bed is very depleted ( I only saw two worms) and we will get some manure to make it happier.

 We are going to lengthen it and make it a bit wider and plant things that need to be picked in a timely manner. Like lettuce and cherry tomatoes and spinach and maybe even a special place with lots of sand for carrots! And my herbs. Parsley, sage, thyme, basil, oregano, and tarragon. Rosemary will go into a pot as she can come inside for the winter.

And look! I have lilacs!


Julia said...

When you get your beds ready, you know that you don't have to buy a single perennial. I have plenty and then some. Lots of creeping phlox too.

Jackie said...

I will happily raid your beds mom, but my garden will never look as nice as yours!

Julia said...

I have so many beds that I can't manage them anymore.
I tend to over crowd my plants as I can't throw divisions away. I gave tons away but they keep multiplying. Weeds are taking over including the pesky but pretty dandelion.

tanita davis said...

I'm so happy for you that you own this house - it must be so nice to think, "Yes. This is all MINE now," and make plans for years and years to come...

I cannot WAIT.

Meanwhile, doing your herb beds right in the front yard is such a great use of space. Who needs lawns?

Jackie said...

It IS wonderful! And turning out to be a bit of an expensive thing too, which is NOT so wonderful.
And the herb bed will actually be in the back yard. There is a good sized oak in the front that shades the front bed.

mira's papa said...

Tanita. It's more like "Yes, this is 18.56% mine, and the bank still owns majority share, but they let us live here and drive nails into the walls, paint things, etc."

The project plans for the place are of two types: those we'd like to do just because, and those that make themselves out of necessity. And most of them are quite expensive. But there are lots of little things to do as well, because the previous owners were really slack about upkeep (they were absentee landlords). We pick away at the stuff that we can easily do without a lot of cash outlay and our own labour (like cutting trees and tree branches that have grown into the clothesline), and we'll get to the big stuff as we can. But all in all, it's a pretty okay place, and we have lots of room. I'm just glad that I've got a lot of tools and am handy at most of the kinds of work required to get it ship shape.