Thursday, May 17, 2012

Journal April

After the failure of March, I am happy to say that April is finished, and even happier to say that I am pleased.

I was having a hard time being inspired after the disappointment of March, so I put out a call on Face Book which said "Waiting for inspiration........"  and one of my friends (thanks Mel) pointed me here.

And I found this.

My original inspiration. This was lifted from the internet but was uncredited so in the highly unlikely event that it is yours and you would like credit, let me know and I will do so.
April started out as a regular white vessel into which I cut irregular holes.
Freshly cut vessel
I felt that the cut edge was a little rough
sharp edges

 so I soaked it out and felted them a little more to soften them up a bit.

Poor soggy vessel
 After I had finished felting it, I rinsed it well and squeezed out the excess water but I was left with a floppy pile of felt.
Rung out but still floppy

So I decided that the best way to make it full and round again was to insert a balloon to give it some structure. I just happened to have a balloon hanging about because I also just happen to have an 8 year old who loves balloons!
the best way to puff up wet felt
When I first saw the picture that was the inspiration for April, I dropped it on my desktop and didn't look at it again. I had a vague memory of something in the center and something spherical. I had a small red vessel left over from a previous project and I thought that it would look lovely in the centre.


If you scroll back up to the funky fungus, you can see that there is no red, but there is something inside and something something somewhat spherical. 

I put the small red vessel inside and had fun stitching it in place.
close up of the internal ball
Now I need to get going on May! The month is half over and I have no idea what May will be!


tanita davis said...

OH, beautiful. Wow.

Dani said...

I love this one Jackie! Definitely one of my favourites so far.

Jackie said...

Thanks Ladies! I really enjoyed this one. And it looks so much better in person.

Julia said...

Your April project looks beautiful Jackie.

Let see if I can inspire you for May. It rained a lot and all I saw when walking on the road were earth worms. I was picturing a sphere with worms all over, somewhat like Medusa with serpents coming out of her head.

I'm sick in the head. That's the best i could come up with. hehehe

mira's papa said...

Jackie is right. It does look quite a bit better in the flesh than it does in the photo.