Sunday, March 13, 2011

Which one is Easter?

Yesterday for breakfast we went to the Stanley Sugarbush for their Buffet Breakfast. Pancakes, sausages, ham, egg frittata, french toast, beans, and the cutest darn waffles that you have ever seen! Coffee, tea, cranberry and apple juice. We went with Christine's friend Kathryne and it was a good time. I went back a couple of times to get "just a little more" and as a consiquence wasn't really all that hungry for the rest of the day. Two of my cousins from Montreal came up to visit along with Ed's wife Donna, and Paul's son Michael. Listening to Ed and Paul go on was like taking a step back in time. We spent an afternoon laughing and playing "do you remember...?", and then all went out to dinner before they headed back to Montreal.

I forgot to take pictures of the cousins but I did take a few pictures of the critters at the farm because I knew that Mira would be interested.
First there were a couple of goats. One was in a pen and the other was laying in the alley apparently very unconcerned by the massive amounts of people hanging around.
 There were a number of draft horses. I don't know what kind but they were exactly what you would expect from draft horses. They were harry and large and really sent my allergy meter through the roof. No pictures of them either.

In the next barn there were birds. Like these lovely peacocks. I think that they had moulted their fancy feathers for the winter because they had very short tails.  There were four fancy boys and a very dull lady with them.

There were no chickens but there were a few turkeys. These fellows were the least offensive of the group.

Next came the Bronze turkeys. Their feathers were beautiful.

They would holler their turkey gobble and the guys in the yard would answer.

These fellows were strutting around the yard. Again there were 4 guys and one lady if the brilliant plumage was to be believed.

And I think I found out which ones were called Easter. They were the brothers with the attitude.


tanita davis said...

I forgot to take pictures of the cousins, but got the turkeys...

Yeah, that's what would have caught my eye, too. The white turkeys are AMAZING. Those don't get eaten, do they? o_0

David T. Macknet said...

Some great shots! And, yes, those white turkeys are truly awesome!

Julia said...

Nice that you got to go feast on pancakes and maple syrup and all the fixing and had a great time with the cousins. Have a safe trip home. Love, mom

Jackie said...

T- I honestly don't know if they are to be eaten or not although there is some sort of big Easter thing that takes place at the farm so things may not be looking too good for the boys with the attitude!

Anonymous said...