Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bill's Big Bowl

So apparently I sparked a bit of the competitive streak in Bill when I told him that he shouldn't get his hopes up too high for his throwing class. He wanted to throw a big bowl.

I didn't scoff.

Too much.

But in the end he proved me wrong. He took to clay like a duck takes to water.

Here is is final bowl. It was 10.5 pounds of wet clay and about 14 inches across. Dried and fired it weighed 5.5 pounds and is 10.5 inches across.

Bill, what do you have to say?


David T. Macknet said...

Well done, Bill!

mira's papa said...

What do I have to say?

Several things. Most important, I can't wait for you to get home. This week seems like an eternity with you off on a visit.

Second, Seth kissed a girl!!

Third, I ordered a ham at market about half an hour ago. We pick it up next week. Yum.

As for the pot, I thought it turned out okay, and I want to throw some bigger things next time around too. But I have to say that it was MUCH harder to throw that bowl than any of the smaller pieces. Centering it was harder because it was so big. But the hardest part was keeping it wet. I had to have someone sponging it for me during part of the process because I couldn't keep it from getting dry and grabbing my hand. Have to figure out how to keep it wet enough and throw without the extra pair of hands. But I figured out a better way to glaze a big bowl so next time I want to try that out.

Lastly, I'm tired (up early to go to market) so I need to make a coffee before my eyelids fall off.

Liz said...

1)you need to learn how to throw with a wet sponge in your hand.holding it between your palm and pinky and ring fingers, squeezing just enough to keep a small trickle of water going.
2) centering large wads of clay is easier if you do it standing up, using the coning method, and both arms.
3)There are some pretty easy ways to glaze large peices.
and um, who's Seth?

mira's papa said...


I did have a wet sponge in my hand. It just couldn't deliver enough water to keep the thing from grabbing after a short time.

The wheels in that studio are so low to the ground that standing up to use them is not possible, unless you're a dwarf. Even seated I'm all hunched over.

I got advice on glazing the large pot from very experienced people, but I found their methods lacked precision, which is why I figured out what I think is a better way to control it.

Seth is the gay ballet dancer in the Chickweed Lane comic strip.