Saturday, January 24, 2009

Post Cards from the Selv-edge

The penultimate installment......

This month was the brain child of a Stargate enthusiast. (see the stargate in the upper right (I was told by Jan (the enthusiast) that the stargate was supposed to be on the bottom of the postcard. She felt that it was now like some sort of funky funky space ship. And that wasn't a good thing.
This one had actually been sent through the mail as is (ie no envelope) and as a result had suffered a few losses. Someone somewhere had stuck down some stars with glue and whatever machinery that dealt with this postcard while it was in the post office didn't deal too kindly with some of the stars. As I mentioned before, some of these postcards had more of a "deal with something that bothered me". What bothered me on this one was the small spots of glue. And the blank back (but more on that later).
You can see below that I added some paint to the missing star area. I also added some moon stones. I looked up and down for some star sequins (something that I never thought that I would admit too) and (of course) once I decided on the moonstones and passed the postcard on, Mira decides that she wants to sequin a small fish that I had given to her about 4 years ago and she had out her sequins. And she has star sequins. Of course! Why didn't I think if of asking her?


And now the back. Badly photoshopped to lose the addresses but you get the general picture.

Jan likes (loves) Stargate and the main characters name is John. So what better than the classic message of "Wish you were here".......
Now I am anxiously awaiting mine that still has three people to get through before it reaches me. One of the postcards seems to have been lost in the mail and in trying to track it down, I saw a photo of mine. It is much changed and I am looking forward to having it back.


Julia said...

I am not much of an astronomer but what bothers me about this postcard is the two fiery planet close together.

Julia said...

I mean planets.

mira's papa said...


There are, in fact, these things called binary stars. They orbit each other. You can see an article on them here:
And if you scroll down the page a bit there is even a nice animation of how they orbit each other. Several such systems have been discovered in the universe.

There are also binary planets that have been recently discovered. They are much harder to detect because they are not as large or as bright as stars, but they have been found.

So whether that post card has stars or planets depicted, I'm not sure, but binary systems of that type do exist, and they have been seen. So it's unusual, yes, but not unknown.

Astronomers just love strange things like this, by the way.

Julia said...

Thanks for the interesting facts about binary stars and planets Mira's Papa. I guess I am showing my age n'est-ce pas.

Younger people know these things.