Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And it only took 25+ hours

Monday I printed leaves - 4.5 hours
Tuesday I ironed interfacing and cut leaves - 2.5 hours
Wednesday I ironed interfacing and cut leaves - 2 hours
Thursday I printed more leaves but got sneaky and printed my whole screen (13 leaves, 5 different kinds) I gave up on each leaf type being a different kind of fabric. Only the hand dyed fabric were printed exclusively as maple leaves This sped up the process quite a bit and I only spent 2.5 hours.
Friday I cut the last of the leaves (3 hours) and as I stated before, they totaled 163.
Saturday I hiked down to the school where I was able to spread out, take over large tables, and use the industrial sewing machines.
I cut out my pattern pieces and sewed a liner. Then I started sewing on all of the individual leaves. - 4 hours
After getting a good start at school, I came home to snack on Jalapeno Corn Bread (thank you Bill) and sewed more leaves. There was probably another 4 hours of sewing that night.
Sunday Back to the school by 11 and sewing the last of the leaves and the bottom of the pillow on to the leafy part. Inserting the liner and stuffing it was almost the end! Yeah!
I used bean bag Styrofoam pellets. Sewed up the liner, zipped up the zipper and called it done! - 3 hours.

Total time not including research, idea development, pattern development, making of the screen, doing test prints, and a concept board, etc. (total time approximately 12 hours) was 25.5 hours.

And here's the finished product, not in it's natural environment.


Julia said...

Wow, that's a beautiful pillow. Are you planning to sell it? Did you signed and dated one of the leaves?

I know that you worked many hours, actually more than a full day, but I hope that you also had fun doing it. I suppose that you would never get your money's worth by selling it. It's like making a quilt by hand. By the time you you calculate your time from beginning to end with trips to the fabric store etc. you never can get a decent price for your effort. Enjoying the work as you go, makes it a bit easier to bear

TadMack said...

And now each of your kids wants one for their room. In different colors.

mira's papa said...

I think I'm envious of that pillow. I'd like to be able to spend 25 hours of undistracted time with Jackie, even in the run of a month. I think I just realized my place in the universe. (sniffle)

Julia said...

Mira's Papa, you could have spend some time with your darling by helping her cut the leaves. I know that's it's not the quality time you want but at least it would have cut down her time with the leaves. She really did leaf you alone didn't she?

mira's papa said...

I would have helped if asked, but when it's someone's "homework" for school, I'm not sure that help is wanted or allowed. I never wanted help with my homework, so maybe it's a perception thing. I don't know. I like my student to do their project work on their own, unless it's something they absolutely can't do themselves.

In any case, my contribution to the cause was that a couple of weeks ago I thoroughly cleaned and lubricated the sewing machine at home, which did get a lot of use in this project.

Julia said...

Mira's Papa, you are a good man.