Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leaf Pillow

I must be insane.......

163 leaves have been printed for my pillow. And with the material that I am using (basically fake suede) and the printing ink that I am using (Speedball metallic gold) you can only get one good print before you need to rinse out the screen and re-coat the edges with tape.
One print.
163 leaves.

Here are some of those leaves that have been printed. On the left are the cut ones, on the right, are the ones to cut.

I made a pillow that was the approximate shape of a pile of leaves. And I started to sew. And sew. And sew. And sew...... you get the picture. It strated to go much quicker when I realized that I didn't need to sew all of the leaf spines down, just the main central one. And later if I needed to sew more of the leaf, I could. A lot of them will be overlapped any way and would be tacked down by the stitches on the top leaf.
Things started to get much quicker.

I am now more than half way through my leaves and I still need to put a bottom on my pillow. There will only be leaves on the top and sides of my pillow. The bottom will be a solid piece of fabric with leaves that overlap the edges.

It is due on Monday so I have a lot of sewing to do in the next 24 hours!


Anonymous said...

Dude. You have a LOT of sewing to do. Do you want to skip the school this morning?

Lovely pillow!


DaviMack said...

They look pretty, though - even if they DO require tons of sewing!

Dave Daniels said...

The ida of using fake suede is great. I did something similar, but used cotton fabric, had to quilt them and button hole stitch the edges. ALL of them, with a gold metallic thread. I KNOW the insanity you are feeling! It'll be so beautiful.

TadMack said...

Since autumn leaves are my very favorite thing ever, I'm all for doing whatever it takes to make something that gorgeous. What a fabulous and ambitious project, which I know you'll be so happy with in the end!

(Ooh, metallic thread -- fabulous idea!)

Teyani said...

oh my.
what an amazing pillow that will be.
such creativity!!
please post photos of it when it is finished.

Julia said...

I love those leaves and the colors. Just gorgeous. I can't wait to see the end result. And the veins are all going the proper way unlike the leaves I drew for my hook rug. Remember?

mira's papa said...

Sounds like all of the sewing done on those leaves was in vein. :-)

Julia said...

Very good, Mira's Papa,

I am sure that wee Nicole would say " Oh papa, leaf it alone.

But seriously, her veins are beautiful. There are no varicose veins in her leaves from what I can see.

In any case I am waiting to see more of this amazing pillow.