Tuesday, November 11, 2008

That was remarkable satisfying

Some telemarketer just called while I was making supper. You always know it is them if you pick up the phone and get dead air after you say hello.

I hate it when they call.

I am making curry tonight (something I haven't done since going back to work) and it is a bit of a juggling act. So I didn't feel that I had the time to tell someone who I didn't want to talk to that I wasn't interested in whatever it was that they were selling.

So I just put the phone on the counter and went back to my cooking.

A few minutes later I heard the familiar "beepbeepbeepbeep" of a lost connection. At which point I hung up the phone.

It probably shouldn't have felt so satisfying, but it did.


Mira's papa said...

I'm with you on the annoying telemarketers. Lately I've taken to placing the phone hand set on the radio, just above the speaker, and walking away.

The Holistic Knitter said...

I must remember to do this next time! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah, those tele-marketers!...
Good trick but I feel sorry for the folks who work at call centers because they have to to support their families. I say that because one of my sister works at a call center. She says that sometime people are very lonely and are ready to talk to anyone who will listen. Some people are very nasty other are very pleasant and others are polite but firm. I fall into the polite but firm category.

But I do admit that I get especially annoyed when they call when I am preparing dinner or sitting down to eat.

There is this thing about time zone. They call from God knows where, it could be from India for all I know.

Half of the time I can't make out what they are saying because of a thick accent.

Sometime I get a very persistent caller who does not want to take no for an answer then I hang up.
Also sometimes it depends in what mood I'm in. I can be pretty nasty if provoked when I am moody. That usually feels rather good I must say. But that is more the exception than the rule.


mira's papa said...


I think they call during dinner hour on purpose. They are more likely to get people at home. Mostly they don't care that they are interrupting you.

One time they phoned just after dinner when Jackie was trying to help the boys with homework, and it was the usual frustration with getting then to do the work. She was so annoyed that she just yelled into the phone, "Do you want to help me do my kids' homework?" But she didn't hang on long enough to get an answer.

I'm thinking that caller crossed our number off the call list on that day.

dritte said...
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