Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween 3

Or...What the teacher wore

Head of Metals as a witch doctor with three Mexican exchange students.

Ellen and Joanne, Fashion Ladies as a bumble bee and a butterfly. They were deep in discussion about marks or students or something serious. Since they are used to seeing me wander in and out of the classrooms on various errands they didn't say anything until my camera gave me away by making the little ringing sound that it makes when it starts up. Then they laughed.
Mitch the store keeper talking to Sally from Nightmare before Christmas . I think that they were discussing her stitching job. She is looking for a refund.
Jan, Harriet, and Linda. Harriet and Jan, from Fabric Surface, had a Hogwarts theme going on. Jan is from England and she really went all out and decorated not only herself, but also her office. She made badges for everyone in the studio. Harriet was the professor of Herbology (can you tell?) Jan was the defense against the dark Arts Teacher (who ever that would be in any given year) Linda was Johnny Depp. Not Hogwarts but Pirates. It is all good.

Here is Jan's office (note the bookshelf)
The bookshelf
(please click on the picture to get a bigger version so that you can read the titles )
And here were the judges for the contest. From Left to Right... Michael, the principal, Laura May, head of accounting who also does 10,000 other things that I couldn't explain, Jane, head of Design who also wears many many hats, and Joe, Maintenance Supervisor and my boss, and if he wasn't around the school would fall apart around our ears (not kidding). They did a great job and I heard a little tale that there was some arm wrestling that happened over who should get second prize.
Is it any wonder that I couldn't stay away?


TadMack said...

Your coworker did a neat thing with her bookshelf. She must have printed a page from somewhere and taped it in front of her books?!

jackie said...

She made up the titles and bookfronts and laminated them to a piece of foam core which she then stuck to her book shelf. She did a good job, eh?

Anonymous said...

It all looks and feel like great fun.

Did you forgot to wear your costume?