Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pumpkin Central

The kids all really like to carve the pumpkins. I have to admit a bit of a preference for pumpkin carving myself. When the kids were really little, I used to think that it was great. They drew a picture and I interpreted it on the pumpkin. Then we moved up to drawing right on the pumpkins. And I did the cravings, interpreting what they had drawn. The they got older and started carving their own pumpkins. And I had to start buying my own pumpkin. Nicole still lets me carve her pumpkin (as well as clean it out) but the older kids are all flying solo.
Nicole told me that she wanted two round eyes and a big smiley mouth. I added the notches so that the pumpkin took on a crossed eyed appearance. I think that it is kind of cute.

From left to right, Mira, Liam, Simon, and mine. Do you like the authentic spooky leaves and dead plants in the background?
Maybe it is time for me to clean out my little flower garden.


Kansas A said...

GREAT job! The pumpkins look astonishing :)

Anonymous said...

I missed Halloween altogether this year. I was at a meeting on Halloween night if you can believe that.

The kids did a fantastic job carving their pumpkins.