Friday, June 01, 2007

I have to try again

4 oz of silk dyed as I have never dyed before and will hopefully never dye again. Lets just say that it is a good thing that silk will not felt and will take colour, colour, and more colour.
And I discovered that I don't mind spinning it on the drop spindle. I seem to have much more control. The splitting of the roving and the pre-drafting helped too.
I started my shawl yarn. Again. This time it is going to be just plain old white. Shocking, I know, from the queen of colour. Maybe I'll dye it all one colour when it is finished. Or maybe I won't. I need to get the fool thing knit first. Not to mention, the yarn spun.
The silver silk is going to get plied with it's self. Later. I have it all on one bobbin and while I don't mind plying from a center pull ball if the ball is small, I think that this would be a bit too big. Not to mention slippery. I don't want all of that beauty to end up as a tangled mess.
And I have plied the merino from a few days ago with its self. It is currently "resting" on the bobbin but I may have something to show you tomorrow or the next day. It will also give the camera batteries a chance to charge. Silly me.
Today was Nicole's last day of school. The class had a picnic at O'dell park and we parents were invited to join them mid-way thorough he morning. Everyone had a great time and there were many wonderful photo opportunities. Except for the fact that out of the 10 batteries that I had with me, none had enough charge left for me to take even one picture. Bill even asked if I had the batteries charged and ready to go and I waved away his concerns. Live and learn. In any case, I have a few great pictures in my mind. Unfortunately, those ones fade rather quickly now.


Dave Daniels said...

Pretty silk. I've gotten some to try dyeing later this summer. This seems to be the Summer of Silk Spinning with lots of people. And I'm glad it won't felt. :) That's always a good thing.

clothesknit said...

sounds as though that silk may have been a bit pesky. nonetheless, the colorway is rich and gorgeous!

Jo in Boston said...

Such pretty colors!

Leigh said...

Lovely spinning! White for a shawl will be useful. And as long as you work with lots of color elsewhere you shouldn't go through withdrawal :)

Christine said...

That silk is gorgeous! Congrats to Nicole!