Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happiness is....


Irises in this case. The peonies still haven't quite bloomed, but are really really close.
F is actually for many things in my life. Like Family and Friends and my Father. And yesterday it was also for Finishing.
Yesterday I finished off this warp. Finally! One scarf was already woven, cut off and fringed. I wasn't all that thrilled with the finished product. I had experimented in over dyeing some grey and brown yarn and it turned out a little dark for my tasted. I can't tell you the number of times that I sat down to weave and only made it for about two minutes before I had to get up. It is a relief to finally get it off the loom. Unlike knitting, weaving requires a bit more equipment and it is kind of hard to have too many UFO's. Unless you are talking about the final finishing. Sewing in ends and what not. I'm not. If your sweater is not working for you, it is easy to pick up another set of needles and another ball of yarn. Add a new pattern and you are all set! Harder with a loom.

Do I have a picture of the finished scarf, even though it has been done for about a month? Nope. Even though we had a camera for about 3 weeks? Nope. The other thing that I don't have a picture of is this hand spun in its skein.

Too late now because all 8 ounces were made into a warp yesterday and wound on the loom. The scarf is about half way done. I may have a chance to finish it today and if I do it can go on my table at the market on Saturday. Because it is that time of year again and the Carleton Artist Market is happening again this summer.


DaviMack said...

F is also for Fabulous. ;) Truly fabulous flowers.

And the fiber, of course, but we've come to expect that.

Anonymous said...

All this use of f-words on your blog! Tut tut.


a simple yarn said...

Jackie, I'd agree with you regarding the loom comment. It's so much more methodical than knitting. I love knitting for the fact that it is exciting with the bit of cast-on-itis. How cool is that?! But weaving is more analytical, calculated. Hard to jump in and weave up something in a flash! But I like them both for different reasons...!

Have a great weekend—

Christine said...

I love your flowers! I agree whole-heartedly with you and Ms. A Simple Yarn. I've put off my weaving because I made a huge mistake when I was tired and haven't been in the right mindset to get behind the beam for an extended period of time to correct it.