Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fibre Content

What a surprise! Actual fibre and weaving in one post. Three new silk scarves in hot oranges and reds. The pattern is Gothic Cross from Marguerite Davidson's Handweavers Pattern Book. The book is definitely worth how ever much I paid for it all those many years ago. The scarves are not quite what I envisioned when I put them on the loom, but they will do and hopefully they will find new homes before Christmas. And on the loom now are a couple of chenille scarves. Rust and dark chocolate brown colour and weave. I have two more warps waiting in the wings to go on. One is greens and tans and the other kind of reminds me of the colour of a beagle's coat. Browns and tans. The warps are pretty. I hope the scarves are too.

I also dyed another merino warp for three shawls. Lots of fun there. Lots of mistakes too. One major one was forgetting the vinegar, Duhh. So I ended up dumping the whole thing in a pot and pretending that I was doing a rainbow type dye job instead of a painted, then wrapped and steamed type of dye job. It's a bit darker than I wanted, but still nice. I'll see how it looks on the loom.

Tomorrow is an opening for Art Trek '06, sponsored by the city of Fredericton. Various studios are open to the public and I am showing in one of the galleries on the tour. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share with you tomorrow evening, or at the latest, Saturday evening.

Until then...


Liz said...

pretty scarves! meant to ask you to drop off my bags to Marilyn. and totally slipped my mind

Cynthia said...

Jackie I love your weaving; those look fantastic! You sound very busy. You go girl!