Monday, October 30, 2006

Can someone tell me why

The tree planting guys in this town insist on planting trees right under power lines?

This is actually two trees. Look for the trunks.

This is what we refer to as a "slingshot" tree. How embarrassed must this tree feel?
I understand that there is little room to play with on residential streets, about 8 to 10 feet, but if you stand next to a tree and look up, the power lines are right there. There is a bit of wiggle room to be had. The thing that really gets me is that even down on the Green, the trees are planted under the power lines. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my stomping grounds, The Green is a strip of green space in downtown Fredericton that runs along the Saint John river. The narrowest section of this area is about 20-25 feet. The widest must be somewhere around 150-175 feet. And still. There are the trees. You guessed it. Under power lines. DUHHH! Wind blows, trees bend, branches break, power lines snap. Sigh.

On the fibre front, I made two warps yesterday, dyed two, and dyed 5 skeins of yarn for the table. Pictures to follow. And I am patiently awaiting a very special box filled with fibery goodness! O.K. Now that I know that it is on its way, maybe I'm not so patient. My drop spindle is all cleaned off and ready to go!


amanda said...

we have the same problem here. and i remember when i lived in new orleans they didn't do that fancy cutting around the wires but here they do and it is absolutely comical.

Leigh said...

Oh gosh, I thought they only did that in North Carolina!

Diane said...

Your tree planting guys must be working in Ontario as well. Our trees do the same thing in some of our neighbourhoods. It is always a pleasant surprise to link up with another blogger from Canada.