Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bad house keeper or good hostess? (warning:spider ahead)

You decide.

This is my little friend. S/he lives in the bathroom. Just above the night light. At the corner of the cabinet. I am sure that s/he drives my mother-in-law crazy when she comes to visit. This spider has been in my bathroom for about a year now. Before that, her/his mother was there. I know that the previous one was female because she laid an egg sac and many little spiders came out. Most of those went outside, but I missed this one in the clean up and surprisingly enough, s/he has thrived. I mean, really, how much food is there in a bathroom? Every now and then, I try and throw some food her/his way in the form of a fruit fly, but I am not exactly what you would call a great waitress. But this little spider has a great capacity for patience.
A couple of years ago, a spider got caught between the kitchen window and the storm window (we live in an old house) just before freeze up. I didn't notice her until after the window had swollen shut ( this happens every fall when we start closing the windows and the humidity inside skyrockets. We can't open the kitchen window again until about June and even then it involves a hammer and some swearing) That spider lived for MONTHS in sub freezing temperatures with no food. S/he finally succumbed about March. What an amazing creature! And better yet they eat FLIES! And MOSQUITOES! And FRUIT FLIES! What's not to love? I know that some people have a real phobia about spiders and I have to admit that I have been startled by a few in my time, and actually, I'd give a tarantula or a black widow a wide berth, (I don't play in traffic either), but your little garden variety orb spider? If you are not a fly, you really have nothing to worry about. In any case, I hope that I have not scared you away. I promise that I will not speak of spiders again for... well.. it's been almost a year and this is my first spider post, so I will say that you are good for at least another 9 months spider free. Unless Louise from work really does bring me the HUGE spider in her garden. That one you will hear about!

My little friend is as yet unnamed. Does anyone have any suggestions?


jade_opal_gem said...

i have no fear of insects,having lived in Africa and Australia, we came across some monumental insects, spiders, creatures of all sorts...never seen by humbled Canucks..but do be cautious they will infest your home and the only way is to fumicate..they'll hide in matresses and you will have spider mites....not so good, especially for your oh! so precious baby girl.....oh! just for laughs, one late eve in africa, i got up to go to the loo! only greeted by a huge baboon spider,about the size of your hand.. i took the broom to shoo! it outdoors, and the damn thing attacked me, chased me all over the kitchen...what a sight! LOL..

jackie said...

What a story!

I'm glad that there is no baboon spiders around here. And I do keep the wee beasties in check. I really don't have any spiders any where else in the house, just the bathroom for some odd reason. They must like the high humidity.

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

That type of spider is just fine by me. It is the brown recluse that I can't tolerate. Two times I have had to be treated for spider bites. Can you spell necrosia?
Do you know the story about the christmas tree and the spider?

Cheryl said...

Right, I'd say if she can spell words and messages in her web, she's worth keeping! More than that, if you can teach her to spin, she'd be able to earn her keep.

Dave Daniels said...

What's not to love about a spider? Like you pointed out, I'd rather have a well-fed spider than a bunch of 'skeeters, gnats and other flying bits. (I know, bats do the same thing, but I'll take the spider, thanks!)

canknitian said...

A friend of mine used to 'have' a spider named Boris. I've always thought that was a good name for a spider. Of course, Natasha would work too. :)