Monday, May 12, 2014


Thursday May 1-
Wove on Blue Hiro warp

Friday May 2-
Last day of work-
Wove on Blue Hiro
Mapped out a new project involving all my colleagues
Started the warp for the above project

Saturday May 3-
Wove on Blue Hiro. This warp is so slow weaving. It is an silk i-cord yarn and very stretchy. It takes dye beautifully and I want to keep the colours of the warp from being muddied with the weft, so I am using a fine 20/2 silk in blue. Each weft shot needs to be slowly beat in place. The selvedge threads are super stretchy too and subject to a lot of draw-in. I wove a sample with this material before, but I paired it with stripes of closely sett 20/2 silk and it was much easier to maintain an even beat. I have one more Hiro warp so I may have to consider making a sister warp out of the fine silk and pairing the two.

Sunday May 4-
Spinning about an hour
Sewing in ends on tensel scarves

Monday May 5-
Wove on blue hiro scarves and finished the first one! Started to fringe it.
Designing of new tapestry based on colours picked by my colleagues

Tuesday May 6-
Decided that I didn't like the warp that I made for the tapestry on Friday, so I rewound it onto the bobbins and started a new warp from two tones of purple linen.
Cut strips for a couple of rag rug samples for a workshop that I am teaching this summer.
Felted a small green piece of felt to cut into pins.

Wednesday May 7-
Made a small rag rug sample warp. Used the strips I cut yesterday for a new rag rug technique where you lay two different coloured strips of fabric back to back and flip them over mid way through the warp so that you change colours. Dressed a loom at work and wove one sample.

Thursday May 8-
Wove two more samples on the rag rug warp. I made the warp extra long so that the students could try the technique before settling on it.

Friday May 9-
Made another small sample warp for a new technique for rag rug workshop. Dressed a second loom at work and wove two samples. Let enough warp for students to try this sample also.
Worked on design for tapestry. Gathered a couple of more colours from a few people from whom I hadn't received answers to the question "pick a colour"

Saturday May 10-
Trip to Woodstock today to visit Grandma and Grandpa. In the car I finished one side of my tapestry making knots and sewing in ends. Started second side. Brought Dorset loom (with blue hiro warp on) to the lake for the summer.

Sunday May 11-
Finished second side and knotted all the ends on the back of two tapestries.

Monday May 12-
Wove on Red Hiro scarves.

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Julia said...

No moss is growing on your loom. Nice reading all this. You're making progress.