Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tuesday May 13-
A bit more designing on tapestry.

Wednesday May 14-
Borrowed a 27 inch loom from the school to weave the tapestry.
Started to dress the loom

Thursday May 15-
Continued to dress the loom. Tied on the warp and did a test weave. Didn't really like the results and decided to sleep on it. Reminded my self that unweaving is part of weaving.

Friday May 16-
Spent most of the day at the school dressing another warp for a new rag rug technique. I also got some of my homework done for my online class.
When I got home, I took a look at my tapestry warp and in the harsh light of day, realized that not only was the sett incorrect for what I wanted to do, but the warp was also starting to shred and wouldn't hold up to the abuse that I was about to inflict. So I took the warp off to be used for another project on another day. I tucked the experience away to drag to later when I have to explain to my students that sometimes "Plan B" means starting over.

Saturday May 17-
Knotted the back and trimmed the ends of red and black tapestry #1.

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Julia said...

I get tired just reading what you accomplish every day.