Sunday, January 09, 2011

Random from the camera

I have kids. Every now and then they ask if they can use the camera to take pictures of something that they feel needs preservation.  I never know what I will find when I down load the pictures.

Here is a small sampling.

This would be garlic.     

Liam and a mouse named Cheese

Strange strawberries and a strange boy.
a strange old lady
potato of course

He says he was cold. I think that he liked the pink.
Simon's grape sandwich


Julia said...

Very entertaining pictures, just as interesting as any thing I've seen lately. Thanks for sharing.

I especially like Liam dressed in pink. Oh, la, la...

mira's papa said...

I remember that grape sandwich. I thought it was very strange. Green grapes and multigrain bread together? Not in my mouth.

Dave Daniels said...

Those are are some interesting...edibles. Garlic? Potato? (Not And the sandwich should be on a gourmet TV show

tanita davis said...

It's much more fun now to take pics on Mom's camera and not have to wait to see them for weeks like back in The Olden Days. Unless, of course, Mom forgets to take them off of the camera...!

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot the little old lady. I guess that Liam's pink attire got me distracted.

Too cute. She a master of disguise. Next, you'll see her with a mustache I suppose. JB

David T. Macknet said...

Some great shots!

ICQB said...

Ha! The same thing happens when I go to fetch pictures off of my camera. There's usually a picture of a cat doing something amusing, or the dog staring up at the camera.