Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year?

Already? Where has the time gone?
Actually, I know exactly where it went. There has been a flurry of weaving and dyeing and selling, sadly mostly undocumented. There have been some minor health issues, which have decreased my productivity and my desire to put words out into the screen as the case may be. There has been life itself which, while I have been trying to do less, seems to conspire to make me feel like I am running on a tread mill with no end in sight. The Christmas break has been heavenly but sadly not anywhere near long enough.

Some good things have been happening here.
Mira created a wonderful snowman in the front of the house

He has some crazy eyes that she made out of wood knobs that she found somewhere and painted
Sadly some jerk knocked the head off. She learned a lesson about art in public places. I really don't understand those who take pleasure in destroying others work. She managed to salvage the eyeballs and will try and rebuild him.

And we had some snow the other day after many days of rain. I asked one of the kids were Bill was and they said out side shoveling. I didn't realize how he was dressed for the task until I went to ask him a question.

Real Canadian or Real Man or maybe both?
He said that he had to come in because his hands got cold.
I hope that it won't be so long until my next post, but until then, Happy New Year!


Julia said...

Wow Jackie, Mira sure made an amazing snowman beast. I can't imagine someone being so destructive for no apparent reason at all. I'm very sorry this has happened.

I never saw someone shoveling snow in sandals and house coat. It must have been cold on more than the hands and feet. I supposed it's no worst than someone diving in icy water for the polar dip.

I'm glad that you found some time for blogging today. Happy New Year to the whole family. JB

mira's papa said...


Not cold on the feet at all... or anything else you might be thinking about (that bathrobe is made of heavy fabric and is very warm, even when it's over a birthday suit). But my hands were getting cold, because the shovel handle was already cold.

Julia said...

I don't know what to say..... JB

tanita davis said...

"...or anything else you might be thinking about..."


That was the FIRST thing I thought of, but I'm glad all was toasty warm. Daresay the outfit would have looked even more Canadian with a pair of gloves!!

David T. Macknet said...

A truly awesome snowman! Next time maybe put a broom-handle running all the way up through the head?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Sandy likes the cool snowman and enjoyed the picture of manly shoveling.
Smiles to you all.

ICQB said...

I love the snowbeast, and the shoveling method. Too bad the beast lost its head - those darn snowbeast poachers!!