Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Remember ......


This past weekend we went to the lake. While picking up provisions at the grocery store, it was impossible to miss that watermelon were on sale.
And seeing as we had a watermelon.......
And seeing as it was a hot day.....
And seeing as the desired wardrobe was bathing suits.....
And seeing as there was a large body of water nearby.....
I was the first
Liam quickly followed and did his best to look goofy. 12 year old boys are a strange thing.
Simon loved the helmet and wore it often for the remainder of the weekend.
The true ham in the family.
Here she is singing in to the "microphone"
I'm cute and I'm not afraid to use it!

Mira wanted nothing to do with the melon helmet. Instead she covered herself in mud.

Poor Bill. His head was too big to get into the melon helmet so he had to content himself with stripping paint off the porch. We were having a wee contest to see who could peel the biggest swath of paint off and I think  that this monster will be a hard one to beat!


David T. Macknet said...

Hello to all of you! Great pics! :)

I am envious of all of your sunshine and warmth, and of the original contents of that watermelon.

As to the mud: umm, no. Some great patterns, though, making her look reptilian.

mira's papa said...

I just have to clarify that none of us are fans of American football, nor do we have any interest in the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Fans of that team wear this melon headgear to the games. We just made the thing for a lark. And I never even tried to put it on, so we don't know if it was too small for me.

Mira also wants to clarify that the stuff on her arm is not so much "mud" as it is "a very fine sand". It's the stuff on the bottom of the lake in front of the cottage, and it really is a very fine sand-like material.

Julia said...

Nice pictures of the melon head gang, but where is melon head kitty?

Hope that you're all enjoying a nice vacation. Mamoo

Teyani said...

OMGosh ! melon head!! that is SO hysterically funny.
have a fun time playing and being goofy. life is too short to do otherwise.

tanita davis said...

As usual, you all look like you're The Quintessentially Happy Family. Honestly: it's like looking at an illustration of Cheaper by the Dozen except a.) obvious lack of children (get cracking on that, Jac) b.) Mira's Papa has a lack of obsession with motion studies and efficency. c.) that whole 21st century thing. And the whole melon helmet thing.

Otherwise, you all look exactly like that book.

Awaiting pics of the slinky reptile gloves!

mira's papa said...

Bite your tongue Tanita Davis. We finally figured out what was causing the children to arrive, and we nipped that in the bud. We quite literally "tied it off" at four. I can't even conceive of the chaos that a dozen children would bring. I get dizzy just thinking about it. If they all ate like our two boys, we'd be in the poor house.

Like any family, we have our warts and wrinkles and internal head-butting sessions, but I think most of our friends around here who know us quite well would agree with you. We have something pretty good going on, and it seems to get better with each passing year.