Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I feel like I should be posting

And really I probably should. I have been doing things. All sorts of things. I just haven't felt much like writing about them. A lot of them should have been photographed, but that really didn't happen either.
In sort of the right order.......
I have been to Liam's year end review. He was in Cadets this year and he really enjoyed it.

We planted the garden. Mostly the same stuff as always with the addition of brussel sprouts. Or brussel stench as Mira calls them. There is a lot of weeding to be done, but that is also nothing new.

I attended the Craft College graduation cerimonies. Where Rachel, Celine, Katie, and Jessica all marched up in their caps and gowns and were presented with  their Diplomas. Congradulations all! I am so proud of you!

I did a stint as an artist in residence. It was in a different location than last year and I didn't like it nearly as much. Thankfully the renovations that caused the move are going to be complete and we will be back in the regular spot next year.

I heard Nicole's choir sing at the retirement party for her school principal. They all performed really well and we were able to duck out before the speeches began. Sorry for the blurry photo but with other peoples kids I think blurry is better.
I taught a silk scarf dyeing workshop for my weaving group. We all had a great time but I didn't take any pictures. (slaps own hand)

UPDATE: I had forgotten that I had dyed a scarf myself at the workshop! I found it in it's hiding place and rinsed it out and here it is! Still wet. It was a quick pattern (simple knots) with different greens on each segment. I am rather pleased at how it turned out.

Before I finished work for the summer, I took advantage of the nice warping mill at the school and made up about 6 warps. With some of the dye left over from the workshop, I dyed some of them and some will wait until later. The dyes that we used are fibre reactive dyes that only last a very short time once they are mixed up.
And I also dyed some some soya silk sliver. It looks and feels like silk so we will see how it spins up.
 One of the reasons that I have been neglegent about posting is that I have been suffering from sinus problems for more than a year. I have some good days and some bad days. On the bad days, I feel like my brain is full of fluff and I have sinus pressure. On the good days, I feel almost normal. I have tried two different courses of antibiotics, and various types of nose sprays as well as allergy medications and x-rays to see if there were any strange growths in there. Nope. I am now waiting to see an EMT.  Here's hoping that I get the call soon.

I am weaving a series of 4 silk noil scarves right now. I am finding it hard to find the time to do much weaving because there is always so many other things that are clammoring to be done first. I am not selling anything anywhere this summer so my first big show is Labour Day weekend, and then nothing until November and December, so I guess that the weaving isn't really yelling all that loudly at this point.


tanita davis said...

Hey, nice new blog background. Like that.

Liam is, of course, adorable. We love a wee man in uniform. (Shh! Let's not tell him about the "wee.")

The soy silk looks gorgeous! What makes it soy, though? I didn't think there was anything in the soybean plant that was spinnable; we grew them once and they were just... bean plants. (Imagining corn silk, and spinning the corn tassels... sorry, my brain is rotting, I've just been to the dentist.)

I agree with Mira on the Brussels stench. Some things are not meant to be eaten by human beings...

I'm so sorry about your poor head. Been there, felt that. Ugh. Happy Summer, if you can stand the sentiment.

jackie said...

Hey T! The new background was one of the new standard templates. I was kind of impressed too!
And as Liam now looks me in the eye, I don't think that I will be calling him "wee" anytime soon ;-)
The soy is actually somehow made from the protein from the soy plant. Don't ask me how. Must be some nasty chemical process. I have also seen milk yarn. Same thing. Super soft and expensive. Damned if I could spin milk either.
And the funny thing about the brussel stench is that Mira is the one that was desperate to plant them! The kids all like them and Bill calls them "The cabbages of kings".
Thanks for the head wishes. I am truly fed up feeling muzzy headed.

Anonymous said...

I just want to make it clear about the brussel sprouts, because Mama wasn't clear at all, I love brussel sprouts and yes I wanted to plant them but when I was writing the labels for the little sprouting pots some people were talking and someone said the word "stench" just as I was writing the word "sprouts" so it came out wrong. Mama didn't say this and makes it sound like I don't like brussel sprouts but I actually do, maybe her memory is going.

Valerie said...

Love the new look of the blog. Almost looks like it could be from your silk scarves dye class.

Hope the sinuses clear up soon. I know from experience what a trial that can be.

David T. Macknet said...

Ahh, poor Mira. The internets are not kind to you, eh? Glad to see that you read your mom's blog - it's more than my family does for mine!

J: you should know that airplane tires are made from soybeans. So, I imagine that a wee bit of yarn wouldn't be so much trouble.

Can't see the milk, though. Eeew.

Julia said...

It looks like everyone has been busy and especially you Jackie. I love the new blog looks. The background almost makes me want to do blob doodle like I did with the kids a few years ago. They were so much fun.

We did som color blobs on a page and then found all sort of creature designs in it and outlined them. I see the face of a pig ( yes a pig) on the right middle and I bet Mira sees it too. I would dismiss the little pointy thingie under his chin. Mamoo.

Anonymous said...

Yes I see the pig, and he's got a goatee and also sort of a bulbous nose, a very interesting pig


Julia said...

We were having some internet connections on and off for a while now it's finally all fixed up. I had tried to leave a comment on Liam photo Liam but couldn't connect and then I simply forgot.

Here it is: Liam looks so nice and grown-up in his Cadet uniform. You must both be very proud of him. Good job Liam.
Mamoo salute you. I saluted you so hard I almost knocked myself out. Mamoo

Cold Clothing said...

OH MAN! That soy silk looks so dreamy! Like shiny tree bark and milkweed fluff. Love it!

jackie said...

I haven't spun it yet but I am looking forward to trying it out!