Tuesday, March 02, 2010

lost and found

I don't even remember when I started these silly things. If I wanted to search through my archives, I am sure that I could find them because I remember proudly stating that I was going to knit a pair of mittens in a time that could be measured in months, if not weeks, instead of the usual years.

Famous last words.

Oh. So I looked in the archives and it was worse than I thought. Here is my original entry about these mittens. Go look at the date. I'll wait for you.

Did you see the photo of the mittens? Did you see the state that they were in? Did you do the math and figure out how long they have been languishing in their project bag?

Well, they are finished now. I must have traded the needles for a smaller set (presumably to hold the stitches) because if you look at the thumbs, they are two different sizes. So are the mittens, really. Not my finest effort, but they are finally FINISHED!

The other knitting projects on the archived page are no longer around.  The hat and socks are finished and are being worn. I'm wearing the hat and Liam is wearing the socks.

Alas, the shawl is no more. I made so many mistakes and I really didn't like the way that the colours were shifting and pooling. So I frogged it back and it is now a ball. I really like the pattern of the shawl so I think that I will someday knit the fool thing. I think that I have almost 3 years to reach my self-inflicted deadline. So at this point, my goal is achievable.

And what else is languishing on needles in various bags around the house? All that I can think of is two pairs of socks and a pair of mittens. I have at least four things that are in the queue to go on the loom, but that is a story for another day.


Christine said...

Nice mittens, Do they match Mira's hat?

Julia said...

Nice mittens Jackie. Now they are UFO no more. So, one thumb is larger than the other one. That's no problem. That's how it is with special things, It will be a special mitten for someone with a swollen thumb or a band aid on the thumb.
I have many UFOs laying around the house. I'm too embarrassed to tell you how many. I'm working on the Tulip Garden king size quilt and my rooster rug at the present. Both are far from finished but at least I'm working on those two items anyway.

Julia said...

Dec 27, 2007 I saw a beautiful pair of unfinished mittens with little heart stitch holders where the thumbs are supposed to be. There also was a lovely pair of socks to match on the next post.

tanita davis said...

Good grief - at least you finished. I've had an unfinished shawl/scarf sitting in my bag for... a year and a half now. D.'s just starting to pick up his knitting during lectures again. Between the writing deadlines and general busyness, we've both fallen off the knitting wagon. But we're determined to get back!!

Liz said...

hey those mittens look fine to me. one smaller, with a bigger thumb???? do ya miss me that much ;-) they're perfect!