Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love weaving

I noticed this the other day when I was winding a skein to dye some weft. I thought that it expressed the way that I feel about yarns and fibres in general. Although it seems lately that I have been having a hard time getting things done. And an even harder time getting things documented. Couple that with kids that have pretty much taken over my computer and you have a serious lack of posting.
Spring is here though. About a month earlier than it normally is so I hope that means that I will soon be taking more pictures and feeling more like blogging.
Right now, my WIP are numreous. I have hand dyed merino/cashmere/nylon on the wheel. I am almost done spinning and can soon start plying. I just have to finish that last little bit of spinning. Hmmmm.

Also there are two pairs of socks on needles. One pair was the left over yarn form the pair that I knit for Liam and I thought that there might be enough to get most of a second pair, but alas, no. SO I just have to dig in my stash to find something  that will go with the mostly dark blue yarn that I dyed a couple of years ago. They will not be prefect, but they will be warm.
Not much yarn left on the left eh? Thank fully they are at the same place right now so I can make them look like an eccentric pair. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.

The other pair of socks is with Lornas Laces yarn that I won in a draw a few years ago. I had started a couple of pairs of lace socks but lace needs too much attention for me to knit successfully. These are plain jane socks that will be pretty and that is good enough for me for now.

I also have a warp on the loom. More about that later but here is a sneak peek.

And lastly I have felt vessles in various stages of compleation or experimentation.
Add to that a couple of application forms that I need to fill out and TAXES (ick) and general family life and I'm finding that I have little time or energy left for blogging.
Here's hoping that the spring will change all of that.


Julia said...

Get the trampoline ready and send the kids outdoors.

Nice to have you blogging again.

I can recognize the vessels but can't recognize the two other things. One looks possibly a dragon and the other something from the ocean.

Liz said...

I hear ya! Everything I have on the go is in various stages of greenware, or scribbles on paper. Not very exciting blogfodder. I like the socks, and really lookk forward to seeing the progress on your felt vessels. I too am wading through the tax field of yukkiness. done soon I hope.

Julia said...

Jackie, I forgot to mention that your wool heart is really cool. You could use it as your Logo.

Dave Daniels said...

At least having the kids taking over the computer has given you more time to work on projects.
Those vessels look great. Any more details on those?
And, hey, it's going to be time to get the garden in soon, too!

David Macknet said...

Some shots of a woolen mill going up for you on Flickr (uploading now). :)

Thanks for the reminder about taxes. Bleh!