Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Silver Spoon

For Christmas, I got a gift card from mom for Chapters. I had to go to the mall on Thursday to return something and thought that I while I was there I would look to see if I could find something at Chapters that sounded appealing.
I looked at novels, craft books, the sales shelves and nothing really popped out at me.
And then I went to the cookbook section. There many books popped out but there was one that really grabbed my attention.
The Silver Spoon. I had heard a review of it on the CBC last year and it sounded pretty good. I believe that it had been compaired to the "joy of Cooking" except for Italian cooking. Bill had also been expressing an interest in doing some more ethnic cooking. So the Silver Spoon it was.
And it fits nicely on my cookbook shelf.

When faced with recipes from a different part of the world, you can expect to find some ingredients that you have never heard of before. But I really never expected to see Beef Cheeks as one of them. I never realized that they were a part of the cow that one ate.

 And by beef cheeks, they mean the cheeks on the front part of the cow, not the back end. Apparently they are quite tough and stringy, no surprise with all of the chewing that a cow does. But when cooked correctly they are wonderfully flavourful. I don't know that I will ever actually try this recipe, but if ever presented with beef cheeks, I will know where to look to learn how to cook it.


Julia said...

Sorry, I had to rewrite my comment. because of a typo.

Cow cheeks sounds way better than cow noses in a recipe.

I'm so glad that you are enjoying your Christmas gift. Gift cards are so practical. I't great that you could find something that you wanted as opposed as getting something that you would rather not get.

mira's papa said...

I have to confess that I've never heard of eating beef cheeks either, but since we buy our beef by the side, maybe we can get "a cheek" next year.

Haven't looked that new cookbook over too closely, but the recipe for marinated eggplant looked mouthwatering.

Bringing this up makes me think that we should pick something from the book to cook on the weekend.

New recipes. Yummmmm.

Dani said...

Better than tongue I suppose?

Elizabeth said...

I think I'll stick with steak, and maybe a roast