Monday, January 04, 2010

New Yarn

Over the Christmas holidays, I managed to get spinning again. It was wonderful! I hadn't really done any spinning since the Spinning retreat around Halloween. I started to spin this 80% merino, 20% silk that I dyed, thinking (haha) that I might have enough time to spin the skein and weave another handspun scarf for my sales table before Christmas.

It didn't happen. At least not before H1N1 hit in mid November. At that time, I just gave up doing anything extra. I was in bed for a week and tired for a month so what I had to sell was going to have to be what I had.

In any case, I finished the skein the other day. It is still not washed and set, but it is all plied and skeined off.


Dave Daniels said...

The skein is beautiful.
It's amazing how we synchronize. I'm just starting spinning since early September.

Julia said...

Beautiful colors. If weaving makes Mama happy then everybody's-happy.

Dani said...

Very pretty, I love those colours