Thursday, July 30, 2009

Up Date

Yes I have been busy. No, I haven't been blogging. Or taking pictures. Or doing anything beside being busy. 
I have worked at our little shop. 

I have taught a morning workshop in paper weaving to 7-10 year old kids. 

I have taught a weekend workshop in temari balls to 6 adults. 

I did 6 hours of spinning and dyeing demonstration for the New Brunswick Crafts Council at their summer shop. 

I spent a hot sunny day washing clothes and hanging them on the neighbours clothes line because my dryer broke.

I don't want to talk about it. 

I've cooked and cleaned and tried to wrestle with some of the piles of things in my house.

I got a call that my grandmother lost her battle with cancer. 

I have ignored the big garden and tried half heartedly to do something about my irises that are rotting because of all the wet and weeds. 

I am scheduled to start my Fredericton Arts Alliance Artist in Residence week tomorrow so I have been getting ready for that.

I found out that I start back to work a week earlier than I thought. August 24 instead of August 31. 

I feel like my summer hasn't happened and now I am looking at it being over in three weeks. 

I am tired. 

And in case you haven't noticed, I haven't felt very much like blogging.

I feel slightly over extended.

Having said all of that, I think that I am going to take a small break from blogging. 

Maybe something will show up here before Sept 1, but more than likely not.

Thanks for all your love and support and I'll see you in September


Dani said...

Oh Jackie, I am sorry to hear that you are having a rough time, and I am especially sorry to hear about your grandma. You are in my thoughts and I hope that the next few weeks go as smoothly as possible for you. I look forward to your always inspiring posts in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Jackie - I was just stopping in to see how you're doing. Aside from seeing that beautiful "Iris Garden", I also see that you're feeling over-extended and seemingly distressed. Will hold out warm and loving thoughts for you as you find your stride again. Lots of love, Darcie B.

Leigh said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Even though you've been busy it sounds like some productive stuff. A blogging break is a good idea from time to time. Come back when you feel refreshed and ready to write.

Valerie said...

Oh Jackie....I'm so sorry about your grandmother. And share your opinion of this cold wet summer. However you have been productive. Hope that you have some nice down time in the next couple weeks.

mira's papa said...

For the record, the "Dryer of Despondency" has been fixed and runs beautifully. My engineer friend Elmer and i, after having been told the motor couldn't be fixed, proceeded to fix the motor after I bought a $4.99 bearing (which we were told we couldn't replace). And then I was actually able to totally renew the motor switch (all too long to explain, but very elegant repairs). The dryer now purrs like a small kitten. The motor's new bearing is actually much better than the one that was in the thing originally.