Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bike Bugs

The older kids biked to the farm yesterday. It was raining a bit, but they didn't seem to care. Which is a good thing this summer, because around here, if you don't want to get a little damp, most days you would end up huddled inside.
But I digress....
They all made it home at the appointed time and Mira comes in looking like this....

It seems along the way, they stopped and picked some cattail leaves/fronds/spikes/ whatever they are called, and stuck them in their helmets so that they would be like bike bugs. I had a really good laugh.

Mira's comment, spoken with great enthusiasm...."The cars all stopped for us! Every one!"

Small wonder!


DaviMack said...


t said...

See, that's what summer is all about... bike bugging. And... stuff.

Julia said...

Leave it to Mira to come up with something original like that. She should keep on biking around with those cat tail antlers. It should turn some heads.
You should send a picture of the kids wearing their bug helmet while biking, to the Daily Gleaner just for fun.

We missed that shower. Vaughan was mowing hay yesterday and I was weeding and we had sunshine all day.